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Today we take a peek at the first of hopefully many photos from our most recent trip to Stonington Maine.

The area was beautiful, and for the most of it, we had good weather. When it wasn't raining, it the sun tended to be very bright. Maybe it's the locations, but I've never had so many problems with lens flares before in my history of photography! Trey Ratcliffe of seems to leave his flares in. Maybe he likes them, then again I've seen some of his more photoshop centric tutorials and his skill isn't with PS as much as it is with a camera and photomatix. Either way, I plan on removing what I can. The one small red hexagon that showed up in here was a bit of a pain, but over something innocuous enough, most of it was just blending color, not repainting.

Some other shots that I was very excited about got some bad streaking, but they're rainbow streaks, and we'll cross that bridge when I get to it though!! Wide angle lens hoods are no match for coastal sun apparently!

This one was taken along the walk from our vacation house to the "center" of "town". I put both words in quotes because it was such a little fishing village, neither word is appropriate! Lynne has said before that she wanted to be placed in some pictures like a Where's Waldo. She was unaware that I was taking a picture of her at the time. Lucky for her this one came out great. Talk about some fun clouds! The remnants of some rain clouds were drifting away on the right there (that darkness isn't a result of my processing).

EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM @ 10mm
ISO 100, f/22 at 1/180, 1/45, and 1/10 second

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