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So here’s another view of the church from yesterday. As I said in that post, it’s in Bethlehem NH, and was taken in June, 2009.

This one didnt come out as good as the other one, but it’s a great church in general, so here’s the new photo of it. While the last photo was with my 28-105, this was with my 10-22.

I would also like to officially announce the opening of, which forwards to this site. In the week that I’ve been up and runing I’ve recieved over 300 hits, more than half of them coming in yesterday. Thank you all for the views, and big thanks for those of you nice enough to comment. SwittersB of was nice enough to give me a full out plug on his blog. Be sure to check him out for all things Fly Fishing!

EDIT: The one bad thing about shooting old stone buildings like this… you pick a point and straighten your image around it, and because the building’s uneven, it makes it crooked everywhere else! Gr! So if you think it looks crooked, look at a different spot in the image. It might not be!

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